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I am sure that you must have heard about the Great Grand Canyon and might crave a visit there too. But in case, you haven’t and right now, couldn’t even plan due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. Allow me to introduce you to this magnificent marvel of the nature that will leave you awestruck forever!

Stretching 277 miles and cutting a trench 6,000 feet deep, the Grand Canyon is one of the United States most popular tourist destinations and natural wonders. Taking millennia to form, the rocks at the base of the canyon itself are actually dated to be over 2 billion years old.

Arriving at the canyon, my first thought was, “Oh My Gosh! Look at this!” I’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories, but nothing could have prepared me for just how immense and enormous it was. There were red, orange peaks covered in snow stretching far and wide and falling into the ground. Believe me, They don’t call it Grand for nothing…

Grand Canyon Board
Grand Canyon National Park

This blog will guide you through this national park whereabouts, and keep it handy for planning your first visit to this Great Grand Canyon National Park!

Mather Point

This is the most popular viewpoint on the South Rim. Located just a short walk from the Visitor Center. Although, other places have better views but definitely, this was a perfect “gasp-worthy” first stop.

Mather point pic
Mather Point in the backdrop
Mather point vista
Views of the Grand Canyon from the Mather point

There’s no words to describe the feeling of awe you get when you first step up to the rim and see the massiveness of the chasm spread out in front of you. The colors, the size, the natural beauty… the whole thing doesn’t even look real. I guarantee it will leave you speechless.

Mather point from top
The feeling of awe when you witness the Grand Canyon for the very first time

Hermit Road

  • Start near the West of Grand Canyon Village
  • End Hermit’s Rest
  • Length 8 miles; 3 hours
Hermit Road Map

 Note: One of the perks of visiting the Grand Canyon in the winter is the ability to take your vehicle on Hermit Road from November 1 until February 28 

Grand canyon and Mustang
Hermit Road Drive

Trailview Overlook

This viewpoint offers good views of the Bright Angel Trail switch-backing through the canyon below, as well as the Indian Garden and the prominent El Tovar Hotel.

Trail View point- Hermit Road
Trailview Overlook
Trail view point Hermit
The Grand Canyon views from the Trailview Overlook point
Trail view point
Snow at higher elevations on the Trailview Overlook point

Bright Angel Creek

In the deep gorge to the north flows Bright Angel Creek, one of the region’s few permanent tributary streams of the Colorado River. In addition, this is a good spot to watch hikers and mule trains ascending and descending the canyon.

Bright Angel lookout
Zigzagged views of the Bright Angel Trail down the Canyon

Hopi Point

This point gives a great perspective to the humbling size and depth of the Grand Canyon. The place has magnificent view to the east and west and down to the Colorado river below.

Hopi point Overlook
Hopi point Overlook

This overlook point juts farther into the Canyon than any other point on the South Rim. Thus, making it a prominent spot to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Hopi point views
Hopi Point with its incredible vistas view of the Colorado River cutting into the canyon

In all honesty, words, and even photos, cannot quite capture what it is like to stand on this point and gaze out across the canyon. It was just out of the World!!

hopi point view

Hermit’s Rest

The structure of Hermit Rest appeared modest from the outside, but when we went inside, a massive stone interior wall with a large fireplace surprised us. Other special touches were rustic chairs, a European pendulum clock, bear traps, and vintage items decorating the posts.

Hermit Rest point on Hermit drive
Hermit’s Rest

Desert view

Desert View Drive, also known as  Arizona Highway 64 , is a scenic road that connects Desert view with Grand Canyon Village.

We decided to drive the longer way back to flagstaff to get a different view and Oh my gosh!!, I was really happy that we did it. This drive was full of scenic views, incredible landscapes and plenty of overlooks. 

Desert View drive Road
Desert View drive Road
  • Start Grand Canyon Village Visitor Center Complex
  • End Desert View (East Entrance)
  • Length 25 miles; four hours
Drive View Road Map

Peep creek vista

Pipe creek vista offered some wonderful views of the red rock formations between the Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel Trail.

lookout point on Desert View drive
Pipe Creek Vista, dramatic Viewpoint of the Grand Canyon
Desrt vew vistas
Beautiful Colors at Pipe creek vista

Duck on a Rock

This unmarked rock formation ‘Duck on a Rock‘ is located just east of Yaki Point. It gets its name from the Kaibab sandstone formation, which some say resembles a duck on a rock. Can you see it?

Lookout on desert view drive
Duck on a Rock Viewpoint

The GrandView Overlook

The GrandView vista point offers magnificent panoramic views of Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below, including prominent buttes like Rama Shrine, Krishna Shine, Vishnu Shrine, and Shiva Temple.

Pipe creek Desert View drive
View from the GrandView Point

We saw a few Elk as we drove along the desert view drive. So, be cautious and enjoy the ride. Usually, they are not aggressive, but will defend themselves if people get too close.

Female Elk on the desert view drive
Elk on the Desert View Drive

Diextr Tips

  • Entrance fees cost $35 per vehicle (including everyone inside it) and $20 per person on foot, bicycle, or part of a shuttle tour.
  • South Rim or North Rim– While the South Rim is open year-round, the North Rim closes during the winter season from October to May.
  • Pick the right hike– If you don’t have a lot of time but want to hike then choose the Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge (3 miles).
  • Get there early – The park gets busy around sunset, with many visitors wanting to get the perfect shot. So, get their early so you can get the best view without having a mob of people in your way.
  • Sunset– The sight of the sun rising and setting across the Grand Canyon is guaranteed to elevate the experience.
  • Skip the bus tour – Tours from nearby cities like Las Vegas are a common way to see the canyon. They can even be cheap. But they aren’t is enjoyable because you’re rushed and don’t get to enjoy the trip. Rent a car or find a ride share. You’ll have a much better experience.

We hope that this article has inspired you to visit the Grand Canyon. If you have any questions about the destination or have your own travel tips to share please leave these in the comments below.

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