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Put-In-Bay Island
Beach Sea United States

Put-In-Bay Island

We all know about the Great Lakes. But do you also know that the Great Lakes have islands? Yes, I said islands. In fact, there are thousands of little ones, and a handful of larger ones that are actually inhabited. Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie is one of those famed islands. …

Beach Religious Sea

Somnath and Gir forest

Another road journey began on the Day 5 of my Gujarat trip that took us to Porbandar, Madhavpur, Somnath temple and The Gir National Park(the next morning). In some part of the journey, we were riding next to the seashore and in some on a driveway with a slew of …

Beach Religious Sea


The road journey from Bhuj to Dwarka was on cards for Day 4 of my Gujarat tour. Just be seated on the co-driver seat until I take my chances on what I saw that day. Speeding by, there were vast stretches of cotton fields and from a distance appeared like balls of …


Mumbai Diaries-Day 2

Bang on the door! Knock on the door! Thump on the door! Still, nobody wants to open it for Anil, who specially came to wake us up :D. Eventually, Ravi got up to unbolt and slept again. What happened afterwards was neither a history nor anything unique, it was usual …