Trek to Mount Fuji

I am writing this post on behalf of my friend- Shashank Bhatia who was lucky enough to witness the sunrise on Mt Fujisan. So here is the story in his own words- It was Natsuyasumi (summer vacation)  in Japan and on one fine day, while having discussion with  my close aide, I decided that "some … Continue reading

Valley Of Flowers- Segment 2

The much looked for day, the trek to Valley of flowers was finally on. We were already feeling lucky to have sun shining bright on us. With a brief detailing on dos and don'ts of trekking, we started walking into the streets of Ghangaria. After a couple of hundred meters from our Hotel, we arrived … Continue reading

Valley of Flowers- Segment 1

Some experiences happen to you by chance while some you make happen to yourself and I made one happen to me by clinching a long cherished dream of visiting the Valley of Flowers. Despite all the odds that were against the trip- be it the ominous news of heavy rains or the uninvited landslides in … Continue reading

Trekking Essentials

If you are doing trekking for the first time, it is necessary to know which trek matches most with your physical capabilities in order to enjoy it completely. Treks are classified based on the highest altitude, Season, and the Length of the terrain. Easy: Anyone who is in good health and fit … Continue reading