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A trip to Las Vegas is one of those quintessential American experiences which everybody wants. From the bright neon lights of the Strip to the world-class hotels, this little Nevada city is everything you’d expect it to be and so much more.

What to do in Vegas

  • Las Vegas Boulevard aka Strip– When in Vegas, there’s no avoiding the Strip. It is known as one of the most famous streets in the world and is always buzzing with the best entertainment sources.
  • Luxurious Hotels– From over-sized replicas of famous landmarks to over-the-top themes, hotels in Vegas have got all the world class facilities.
  • Casinos– Roll the dice, eat like royalty, party like Rhianna and take in some unforgettable views as you try your luck.
  • Watch shows– An authentic Vegas experience should include a big-stage performance ranging from magic, cabarets, acrobatic, musical and comedy shows that keep fans returning for more in Las Vegas.
  • Freemont street- Experience the world’s largest LED screen and some very special event.
  • Shopping– Vegas shopping centers are also extravagantly designed. Whether you’re looking for the latest styles or searching for the perfect gift, Vegas has everything you are looking for.

Las Vegas Hotels


The Bellagio is a high-end resort with Gallery of Fine Arts, Botanical Gardens, as well as the legendary Casino. Apart from all this, the beautiful fountain show runs every fifteen or so minutes to mesmerize its admirer. 

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
Bellagio Hotel Interior
Bellagio Fountain, Vegas
Bellagio Fountain Show

Caesar Palace

A larger-than-life resort that dreamed up and built in 1966 at a cost of $24 million. With fountains and pools and Roman-themed architecture, this place has much more glamour than what the strip has ever witnessed. Also, Caesar casino has made an appearance in several Hollywood movies like Rain Main and The Hangover.

Hotel Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Shopping complex in Caesars Palace
Fountain of the Gods, Hotel Caesars, Vegas
Roman Architecture in the backdrop
Caesars Palace Love sign, Vegas
Love sign in Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas
Interiors in Caesars Palace during Christmas

Wynn Hotel

 Wynn Las Vegas and its sister property Encore collectively hold more Forbes five-star awards than any other resort and casino in the world. Alexa in princely sized rooms, 3 swimming pools and extravagant Casino, undoubtedly, this hotel offers a discreet turn for the tasteful.

Wynn Fountain, Las Vegas
Fountain outside Wynn
Wynnn Casino, Las Vegas
Wynnn Casino

Paris Hotel

What can be better than covering two cities in one day? The Paris, Las Vegas, gives you the chance to do just that. Located outside the resort is the model of Eiffel Tower which makes into most of the Las Vegas pictures. Take the lift to the forty-sixth floor and enjoy the views of the city just like you would have on the Eiffel Tower itself. For Couples, it is hands down one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas.

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas
Paris Hotel Vegas

Excalibur Hotel

I didn’t find anything extraordinary inside the Hotel except its castle like facade and medieval theme. You can skip it if short on time. 

Excalibur hotel,  Las Vegas
Excalibur hotel, Las Vegas

Venitican Hotel

Venice is famous for its canals and singing gondoliers, but you won’t need a passport to ride the Grand Canal at the Venetian Casino Resort. Gondolas with costumed singing gondoliers, guide their guests to admire the lovely Italian-inspired architecture inside the shoppes, as well as the blue sky-painted ceiling. Following the popular Italian tradition, couples can share a kiss under the Rialto Bridge or any of the other bridges, for that matter. 

Venice hotel, Las Vegas
Canals in the Venice Hotel
Venice hotel, Las Vegas
Sky-painted ceiling and the Italian themed architecture

Flamingo Hotel

This small burst of greenery in the middle of the sparkling bright Strip may surprise some visitors. The Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat is home to flamingos, swans, pelican, ducks, and turtles. Inside, the hotel offers freshly renovated rooms at a decent price and at a close proximity to high roller coaster.

Flamingo Habitat, Las Vegas
The Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat

Linq Promenade

What better to do than ride a Ferris wheel, the icon of the Sin City? This world’s highest observation wheel gives a full panoramic view of the city. It takes about 30 minutes to complete one revolution and it features 28 glass-enclosed cabins. Riding it at night offers an even more spectacular view of the city in all its glory.

Linq Promenade, Las Vegas
Linq Promenade

Freemont Street

The Fremont Street Experience is an attraction no visitor to Las Vegas should miss. Colorful displays of lights and loud music take place several times a night under a 90-foot high canopy will wow your senses. Casinos and other businesses turn off their lights, a signal that a light show is about to begin. 

Freemont street, Las Vegas
Freemont Street
freemont street Entrance, Las Vegas
Light and Sound Show at Freemont
Freemont street, Las Vegas
Crowd at Freemont Street

Free things to do in Vegas

Everybody wants free stuff especially in Las Vegas. But the days of free drinks at casinos and super cheap buffets are a thing of the past. Spoiler alert: There are still many free things to do in the city! 

  • Watching a giant TV Screen at Freemont Street
  • Bellagio’s synphony of fountains
  • The Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat
  • Atlantis Fountain Show at Caesars Palace
  • Erupting Volcano show at Mirage
  • circus show at Circus circus
  • Interact with mermaids at the Silverton aquarium

Money saving tips and tricks

  • Skip the weekend – By visiting the city during the week, you can avail of the significantly reduced room rates and restaurant prices.
  • Gamble responsibly – Only gamble what you can comfortably afford to lose, because chances are, the house will win.
  • Get compensation – If you’re gambling, the casino will often reimburse some of your losses in the form of meals, discounted show tickets, and rooms. 
  • Use coupons – Coupons are almost a currency in Las Vegas; casinos will give you a book of them when you sign up for a (free) players card, and you’ll find 2-for-1 offers on meals in restaurants on the Strip.
  • Don’t pay cabs with a credit card – Taxis charge a $3 service charge when you pay with a credit card. Avoid the charge by paying cash.
  • Eat at the buffet – If you really want to save money on food, stick to the all-you-can-eat buffets. 
  • Go to Reverse Happy Hour – The Strip has a tradition of the post-10pm or 11pm “reverse happy hour,” with food and drinks starting as low as $3.
  • Drink at the casino before hitting the club – To cut down on expensive drinks at the clubs, drink on the casino floor. 
  • Get discount tickets to shows –  Check sites like Living Social and Groupon for great deals.
  • Get the Las Vegas Pass – A two-day pass is $259, a three-day pass is $359, and a five-day pass is $499. Some of the things you can enjoy with this pass are a free tour of the Hoover Dam, free entrance to the Divas Las Vegas show, and free entry to the Eiffel Tower experience.
  • Save money on ride – Hotels generally provide coupons for Uber and Lyft rides when you check-in. 
  • Choose Hotel with low resort fees and free parking– Be mindful of the resort fee and parking fee while booking the hotel to save dollars.

How to get around in Vegas?

Monorail – Monorail is a good option for getting around and it stops at seven different points on the Vegas Strip, including several different major hotels. A one-way ride is $5, while a day pass is $13. 

Bus – It is one of the best ways to get between downtown and the Strip, with the two main routes are The Deuce on the Strip and the SDX(Strip and Downtown Express). A two-hour bus pass is $6, while a 24-hour pass is $8. A three-day pass is $20.

Taxis – Taxis start at $3.50 here, with normal tariff being $2.76 per additional mile. 

Ride-Sharing – Uber and Lyft are way cheaper than taxis and are the best way to get around a city if you don’t want to take a bus or pay for a taxi. The shared/pool option offers even better savings. 

Walking– Walking along the strip is a fun and reasonable option as the casinos are close to each other. In most cases, hotels are connected to each other either by bridge or underground.

Final Words

My first visit to Las Vegas was beyond expectation. This place really serves you with all the luxury and extravagant entertainment sources. I hope this blog gave you a little taste of what to expect on your voyage to the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Never been to Las Vegas? What’s kept you? Stop waiting and starting packing for this dream destination now. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.