About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Diextr Blog!

We traversed the path of life to oblige the worldly wise until we got committed to travel. A new we love to wander, capture experiences and share stories. Expect tons of adventure tales, scenic beauty, and candid pictures out of this blog.


  • Swati Kurra, The Author 

Swati kurraI am a coder officially, working as an Assistant Consultant. Unofficially, you can call me an avid traveler, keen reader or an adventure seeker.

A trek in the hills, a para-glide from the world’s second highest jumping spot, star gazing, a short walk down the unknown trails, buying souvenirs, getting clicked, uncovering the best food outlets, are the activities, I get to indulge in while traveling.

Diextr.com came to my mind when I thought of sharing my travel experiences with a similar mindset of people. Friends, this blog is for you, either travel with us or take us with you to make it yours too.

You can reach me out on-

Quora – https://www.quora.com/profile/Swati-Kurra

Facebook– https://facebook.com/diextrblog/

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/diextr17/

  • Onkesh Bansal, The Editor

20160616-IMG_7535.jpgHe is a software engineer by profession and of course a traveler by heart. Considering it an occupational hazard that made him ensure a quality of everything around him. So, is the reason for soliciting him to review my post before going live. Believe me, you’re fabulous at your job!!  This blog would not have been possible without your support.

  • Vikas Bhatt, The Editor

my picHe too is a software engineer by profession but primarily an avid reader and a writer. You were of great help to me over the days when I was really busy with the office work. I wish you all the success in life and hoping for a long-term collaboration. Your benefaction is highly appreciable 🙂

  • Ravi Madaan, The Photographer 

raviHe is my first cousin, crime partner and exclusive photographer for our trips. He too believes in wandering and getting soaked in the beauty of the place we are traveling to, which made him perfect for being my travel buddy. He usually travels with us unless he is not busy in his photo shoots. One can explore more of his work – by visiting Dream Framers on Facebook.

Ravi, Thanks to you for giving us the memories that we can relive anytime anywhere!