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Indy Day tour

Downtown Indy | Day Tour

It has been a while since I have moved to United states(Indy) but this (27 Jul’ 19) was the day when I felt free for the first time. Wandering around with a camera on one shoulder and scrutinizing basic things like a kid. I felt ‘so me’ after a long …


Staycation- Vacation at home

Vacations are times to explore the world around, experience new things, and make lasting memories but sometimes it’s hard to get away,  either it gets too expensive or there’s just not enough time, so you’re stuck at home. With a creative mindset, you can have a fun vacation at home too …



On one fine day, I was at work when my phone started ringing. Trin Trin ✆  and I know that when Arpita calls me during the day it’s a call I need to answer! Arpita: “I’m Engaged” Me: “OMG! WOW, What is his name?  Where are you? Send me the pictures. …


Happy Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate the multifaceted achievements of women, from cultural to social to economic to artistic. It’s a day to remind ourselves why we are so special!  And what can be better than planning a trip to our favorite destination on this auspicious day? Don’t wait …