Valley Of Flowers

The patchy drizzle, the cool summer breeze, the nature-scented air, the flowers carpeting mountains, the gurgling streams and the dewy petrichor of the post-rain. I really don’t know which dimension of the Valley of Flowers stole my heart first… In all my mountain wanderings as yet, I had not seen a sight more beautiful than this.

I strolled in spirit to these flower-laden pastures with clear running streams gushing through the mighty peaks. I saw the flowers dance in amusement to the rhythm the slow passage of wind produced, heard the eternal note of the streaming water and inhaled the abundant ever-present aroma and what not.

Here are some of the Flowers I was privileged to witness in the Valley. Surf through this gallery and I am sure you will love them all. However, these are just the pictures, you ought to be in the Valley to feel its real beauty.

Photographs courtesy of  Pankaj Joshi, Swati Kurra, and Mandeep Singh
Stay tuned to witness the Valley of flowers more closely and profoundly in my next post Valley of Flowers-Segment 1. You can book your trek here – Valley Of Flowers
Do you think we missed out on a few flowers that deserve to be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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