‘Neela’ in local jargon translates to the colour blue and Kurinji’ to a flower. Neelakurinji is a bell shaped flower which blooms gregariously once in twelve years!  Yes, you read that right.

The long wait of twelve years is finally over! The hills of Munnar will soon be burst into a sea of a dreamy shade of blue from July 2018 to October 2018. This is the time when Neelakurinji, a blue flower with 40 odd varieties,  blossoms in all its glory. 

Almost like a balcony view to the slice of heaven,  allowed only once every 12 years.

Mountains in Munnar    ~Kerala tourism

When is the blooming season?

In 2018, the colossal flowering will bloom between August and November and reaches its peak in late September and October although some varieties exhibit little variation. The next time you’ll get this opportunity is only in 2030. And that’s a long, long wait.

What will you really get to see?

Of course, the ubiquitous Neelakurinji on the grassy hill, turning every green into blue, leave you with an inviting aroma to smell along with the visual delight. Apart from the splendid view of the flowers, you might get a chance to spot the rare and beautiful Nigiri Tahr (Mountain Goat) casually walking down the hills.

One interesting result of the gregarious flowering of Neelakurinji is the increase in bees found in its vicinity.  It is also believed that nectar collected near the blossoms gives the sweetest honey.

How to Reach?

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport. Munnar is 110 Km from the airport. From Cochin, you can get a cab or the state buses to reach Munnar.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station from Munnar is at Aluva at a distance of 110 kilometers from Munnar.
  • By Bus: State-run or private buses plying from various towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the best way to get to Munnar by road.

Mark your calendar to witness the magical metamorphosis of Munnar mountain. Be prepared to get fascinated by the surreal blooms of Neelakurinji, just the way they have mesmerized generations after generations. Here’s wishing you a once in a lifetime reverie!

For more details, visit Kerala tourism website- Neelakurinji in Munnar

P.S. Do not pick the flowers or plants, it is for everyone to enjoy!