On one fine day, I was at work when my phone started ringing. Trin Trin ✆  and I know that when Arpita calls me during the day it’s a call I need to answer!

Arpita: “I’m Engaged”
Me: “OMG! WOW, What is his name?  Where are you? Send me the pictures. I’m so excited!!! I’ll call you after work and tell me ALL!!!”

This is how she announced her wedding to me. The date was fixed and I was being invited to be a part of the new phase of her life. Besides, we are going to meet after 3.5 years. A glimpse of us back in 2014.


Fast forward 3 days before the marriage at around 6:30 AM in the morning, Arpita called me up to ensure I was on the way to Indore. Damn, she knows my nocturnality so well! LOL!

Indore Airport

Vikas(Arpita’s friend) and I boarded Ola at the airport to reach her place and I was astonished to see the number of public convenience on the road and hence hardly any men peeing and shitting along roadsides. (“Yaha Pe**** karna mana hai” phrase is being taken seriously). Indore rightly deserves to be India’s Cleanest City as backed by the Swachh Survekshan Survey 2018. #Impressed


We were greeted warmly by her family who served us with everything available in the house. After taking a good rest, they drove us to the Venue. My eyes were searching her in the crowd, lo behold, there she was, all decked up in traditional attire. She was looking gorgeous, undoubtedly! We hugged for a second. Well, that’s what brides are allowed to dispense actually. And then everybody started calling her for some ceremony straight off. Phew!

Samaroh Parisar, Indore
Samaroh Parisar, Indore


As Sangeet would start in another 2-3 hours. So, we thought of exploring the places around the venue. Shalini(Arpita’s colleague) came to our rescue and took us to this place named Bilavali Lake. The sun was departing, leaving a touch of an orange tint in the sky, when we reached there.

Far away, there was this lake which seemed to be a part of the larger whole. As the dusk was about to fall, we decided to rush back to the venue.



In no time(well, 20-30 minutes won’t count much), we got ready for the Sangeet Ceremony. Everybody from her cousins to her parents presented their rehearsed performances. It felt like watching some reality Dance show. It was time for her entry. She danced to the tunes of ‘Ghummar’ like a DIVA. Her moves, the stage set up, and the songs, everything was just perrrrrfect.



I woke up to the faint sound of the dhol( the big drum strapped to the body and played with sticks, for that matter.) When I looked around, everybody else was sleeping. I realized that drumming echoed exclusively in my head. #Chuckles

The legendary Poha is an integral part of breakfast in Indore. Other than that, there was  Sambar Vada, Idli with coconut chutney, Paneer Tikka, and Dahi Vada on the menu. Burp!


We then watched Arpita’s Sagai aka engagement ceremony where rings were exchanged. The ring symbolizes to the world that now they belong to someone special and someone special belongs to them. Sounds Beautiful 🙂

Engagement Ceremony

We didn’t get enough time to digest the breakfast and then this King size Lunch was served on every chair, unlike the usual self-service. I liked the idea !! These Indorians are the most sorted and warm-hearted persons I have ever come across.



Arpita looks great in her usual dresses, unkempt hair, and no makeup, so in a wedding dress and elegant hairdo and makeup- stunning, she was exacting pure mayhem upon the hearts of all the singles out there witnessing her. The day was straight out of a fairy tale and could not have gone more flawlessly.


This place for the bride and the groom looked ethereal with the warm tiny lights brightening up the sofas. Bouquets of flowers to give a perfect company to the couple besides the aroma they let to the surroundings. I was so thrilled for Arpita and Shashank and can’t wait to see what’s next for them.


The ceremony went perfectly smooth and Arpita and Shashank were, just like that, Mr. and Mrs. Gehlot!


Chappan dukan means 56 shops. This is a street dotted with 56 shops on both sides of the street selling diverse and delicious food. A vibrant and ever live food street!!

We spared one day after the wedding to tour the Indore and what could have been better than starting the exploration from this food street. We tried Dabeli, Poha, Jalebi, Golgappein, Dahi Puri, Pav Bhaji, hot Dog, Desserts, Savouries and so on so on…

My recommendations:

  • Vijay Chat House– Khopra Patties
  • Jai Bajrang– Bhelpuri and Golgappein
  • Johnny Hot Dog– Hot Dogs
  • Prayas foods- Sabudana Vada

If you love your taste buds, this is the place not to be missed in Indore.


The next item on my itinerary was Patalpaani waterfalls which were located 36 km from the city. The place was surrounded by the barren mountains dotted with few tresses here and there. The views of the valley were spectacular and picturesque.

The waterfall height was approximately 150 feet and it would have looked more photogenic if it were to be a rainy season. This place is also famous for trekking but one has to be very cautious during the rainy season because of the erratic water flow.

Patal Paani


Annapurna means “the contributor of food and nourishment”.It is one of the most beautiful Temple to visit in Indore. Dedicated to goddess Annapurna Devi and the deity inside the temple can be seen holding a ladle and a container signifying that those who worship her will never suffer from starvation or hunger. The temple’s architecture was similar to that of Meenakshi Temple present in Madurai.



Unlike chhappan dukan, this place was not a planned food street. It was an old lane which had mostly jewellery shops on both sides in the day time. In the evening the jewellery shops would shut down and people would set up food stalls in front of the stores.

This trip has truly changed my perceptions about street food and exposed me to quite a new and unique range of dishes that are surprisingly confined to Indore and have not yet spread out to the rest of the country.


It was time to say goodbye to the People I met in Indore. We gave each other this Minion Key ring to remind each other of the good times and fun we have had in Indore.


Final words

On a short visit to the city; I managed to catch up on just a few of the important destinations. But, having said that, Indore, with its abundance left no stone un-turned in drenching me with its charm.

Indore is not only about its monuments, forts, and temples. What makes it stand out is the local food exclusive only to Indore. If you are a connoisseur of Indian food, this is definitely a place to be at. Mark my words, you are going to get mouth-watering culinary experience in every nook and corner of the city.

So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and leave for the Street Food Capital of the country.

Facts and Tips

  • Best time: October to March sees the maximum footfall in the city because of the pleasant weather which makes it perfect for sightseeing and exploring the beauty of the City.
  • Connectivity: Indore also has a good connectivity by rail, road, and air. Indore Airport connects Indore to a range of cities like Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kathmandu, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.
  • Popular getaways from Indore: Indore to Omkareshwar (87 km), Maheshwar (95 km), Mandu(95 Km), Ujjain(52 km)
  • Educational Hub: Indore proves to be a promising educational hub and home to both IIT and IIM, the most reputed technological and management Institutes of India

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