Put-In-Bay Island

We all know about the Great Lakes. But do you also know that the Great Lakes have islands? Yes, I said islands. In fact, there are thousands of little ones, and a handful of larger ones that are actually inhabited. Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie is one of those famed islands.

Although, the weather forecast was iffy- it looked like rain was on the way, but we decided to take our chances. We parked our car in the Miller Ferry Parking area at Catawba, picked up our online tickets and waited to board the ferry. Miller Ferry Line doesn’t keep you waiting long as the ferry runs every 20 minutes during operating hours.

Put-In Bay Ferry
Put-In Bay Ferry
On the Ferry Deck
On the Ferry Deck

Within minutes, we were excitedly crossing the water to the island. We rented Golf cart and believe me zooming around in a golf cart is half of the appeal of the island.

Golf Cart in Put-In-Bay
Golf Cart in Put-In-Bay
on the way to Island
On the way to Island

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is one of the first things you’ll notice as you approach South Bass Island from the mainland. The monument is dedicated to those who fought in the battle of Lake Erie, and also celebrates the long-lasting peace among Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S. (who were all involved in the War of 1812).

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial
Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

But the real highlight is taking the elevator to the top of the tower, which gives fantastic views out over Put-in-Bay and Lake Erie. On a clear day, you can even see Canada.

Island from all above
Bunch of other Islands can be seen from all above
View of Island from all above
View of Island from all above
View of Island from Perry's Memorial
View of Island from Perry’s Memorial
A cluster of sailing ships in Put-In-Bay
A cluster of sailing ships in the harbor

The island is full of outdoor activities, adventure and a vibe that is just all happy.

Lake Erie in the Backdrop
Lake Erie in the Backdrop

The Boardwalk

If you’re looking for a lunch spot overlooking Lake Erie, head to The Boardwalk. You can find good seafood dishes here as well as great views.

The Broadwalk

Perry’s Cave

Next place on our agenda was to visit Perry’s Cave. The cave is just a walk down of about 40 steps to a large open room that is about 6 feet tall. The unusual appearance of the cave’s ceiling and the floor was created by a thick coating of calcium carbonate deposits over the course of time, caused by water dripping from the roof.

It is said that the temperature inside remains around 50°F (10°C) at all times of the year. It really is a small cave and not very interesting if you have been on other cave tours. So, a word of prudence here before spending 8 bucks per head.

Perry's Cave
Perry’s Cave

After spending wonderful time at the put-in-bay island, it was time to say a happy goodbye to the place. We boarded the ferry back to the Catawba Island and left for the hotel booked at the Port Clinton.

Sunset on Ferry
Beautiful Sunset with ferry on Put-in-Bay Island


We thought of getting up early the next morning to witness the sunrise in the Sandusky but unfortunately couldn’t make it on time. Nevertheless, we came across this shoreline Park While rambling down the streets of Sandusky. It was the perfect place to sit for a little while and enjoy the breeze. The site has nice views of the lake, the marina, and Cedar Point with several benches in different areas.

Sandusky Shoreline Park
Sandusky Shoreline Park
Scenic park on the shoreline
scenic view of the bay!
Scenic view of the bay!

Edge-water Park Beach

Next pit stop was the Edge-water park Beach in the Cleveland town. It is an amazing place with walking trails, fun activities, beach access, plenty of parking. The lake views were gorgeous and we had a good time walking through the beach.

Cleveland Beach
Cleveland Beach

Fact Files

Getting at Put-In-Bay: You can catch a ferry from either Catawba Island, Port Clinton, or Sandusky. You definitely do NOT need a car on the island, though you can technically pay to bring yours over on the ferry.

Miller Ferry: It is advisable to book your Ferry tickets beforehand to avoid end moment rush. You can refer their website for more details.

Where to Stay: You can stay in Put-in-Bay Island but you are looking for a budget hotels, you can find plenty in the Port Clinton.

Perry’s Cave: It opens from May to September, all days of the week from 10 am until 6 pm. It is open on weekends in October from 10 am until 5 pm. As with the Butterfly House, combo tickets are available for Perry’s Cave and the other 5 attractions at this site.

Cedar point: You can also spend a day at the Cedar point

Final Words

Put-in-Bay is a destination for everyone; be it leisure travelers, adventure enthusiasts and couples. An experience that will refresh your mood & ignite the spirits!❤

Is Put-in-Bay a place that YOU would like to visit? I heard a Big Yes!!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in your golf cart rental and get ready to see all the sights on Put-in-Bay!