This post before the Dayara Bugyal post is just to give you all a quick catch up on the planning that needs to be done before a trek. It will take you through a brief about Dayara, the advisory, the itinerary and the surprises awaiting you on a trek.

What’s the plan?

My friends keep on asking me “where are you heading this month?” and I had no clue where I would be going in October until Onkesh called me up and told me about the Dayara Bugyal. I was literally skeptical about the trip as I didn’t know anyone in the group and also this was going to be my first trip where I was not being part of planning. In spite of all speculations, I didn’t choose Dayara, but Dayara chose me 😉

Brief Info

Distance(Delhi – Dayara Bugyal): ~425km (11 h 22 min) and 12-15km of trek

Region: Garhwal, Uttarakhand

District: Uttarkashi

Altitude Range: 216m to 3048m

Temperature: Expect during the day as high as 20ºC to 25ºC and in night as low as -8ºC

Trekking grade: Easy to Moderate

Trekking category: Meadows, lake, and lush green vegetation

Organized by : Gio Adventures. For booking, follow the link here – Dayara Bugyal +Surya Top 

Things to carry

  • Good quality trekking shoes and 3-4 pairs of socks
  • Comfortable backpack, water bottles and energy bars
  • Sunscreen (>=40 SPF) and a pair of sunglasses
  • Caps or hats
  • Warm and comfortable clothes
  • Basic medication and first aid kit
  • Powerbanks and battery operated flashlights
  • A walking stick(optional)
  • Rain poncho or a waterproof jacket
  • Personal toiletries
  • A camera is a must


  • Mental and physical preparation: Prepare yourself physically and mentally for a long trek, especially if doing so alone. The more physical preparation you do, the more you will enjoy your walking

  • When to go: Dayara is a year-round destination, although most people would want to avoid the heat of summer, monsoon, and chillness of winter. Hence, Spring and autumn are the ideal times to trek here, with the most comfortable temperature and clear views

  • Follow your guide: When you are in such a beautiful place, it always feels tempting to roam freely. But my experience says, stay in touch with your guide or at least one member of your group. It’s easier to get lost in here than to be found.
  • Offloading: It is advisable to offload your luggage if you are not accustomed to carrying heavy backpacks.


Day1 DelhiDehradun-Barsu-Barnala taal

Day2 Barnala Taal-Dayara

Day3 Dayara-Surya top-Dayara

Day4 Dayara-Barsu-Dehradun

Surprises awaiting you!

  • You can live without your phones and internet

Yeah, you heard it right! It came as a surprise to me as well. Probably you have never ever spent a day without phone, internet or TV. I know this is sounding crazy to you but believe me, you can definitely live (at least for few days) 😛

In fact, the life without internet felt so damn good!!

  • You make friends or might even meet someone special

Initially, I was wondering, how is it gonna be on a trek with a group of all unknowns except one. But when the first night of the trek came to life, I felt the warmth not just of the bonfire but the warmth of affection from the fellow trekkers as well and I was reassured!

To someone question-“Are Mountains known for bringing people closer?”
Yes, Indeed.

  • You find better version of you

Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but we hardly see that version without rose-tinted glasses. Mountains allow you to embrace the best version of you without any fancy. Questions like “what really matters to me in my life?” will strike you often and gonna give a deeper understanding of you. “Am I sounding too philosophical to you?”. Anyways, these are just the temporary side effects of a trek and soon I will be normal 😛

  • Against the odds- a new comfort zone

Before this, I never knew, I could spend days without taking a bath, drinking purified water and even sleeping in a bed. I was miles out of my comfort zone yet content and happy. That’s nature and the beauty of it.  😋

When I realized that “Minimal is maximal”

Final words

Just imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful meadow gawping at mighty Himalayan peaks with best of your friends by your side sipping hot tea. Then a few hours later, looking at the dark sky filling gradually with the stars that I never knew existed. And the moment when you’ll realize that even a moonrise can be more exciting than any sunrise ever.

Believe me! You can experience all this in real by going on a trek to Dayara Bugyal!

Let’s dive into the intricate details about Dayara Bugyal here – Dayara Part 1 and  Dayara part 2

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