Imagine taking a boat ride from Delhi to Agra to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World! This may soon be a reality with the new plan to develop water routes on the Yamuna for promoting tourism. Under the new plan, you will be able to travel to Agra and Prayagraj through new water routes.

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Water Resources and River Development, has quoted in the agency report that his Ministry has already prepared a project of Rs 12,000 crore, which will be submitted to the World Bank soon. The minister also mentioned that they already have aero boats, which are capable of running both on water and in the air.

According to the Ministry, once the key rivers are clean, water tourism can create wonders in India. Coincidently, the world’s largest container shipping firm, Maersk, lately completed a voyage on the National Waterways 1 which is on the Ganga river.

With the completion of this project, you can relish the experience of traveling from Delhi to Agra and from Agra to Prayagraj via Yamuna river. This idea of boat ride has already raised the hopes high. So stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed !!

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Photographs Courtesy – Pankaj Joshi 

Source- Times of India