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Nag Tibba

There and back again. And here am I planning yet another trek in the Himalayas but was not quite able to make it due to the scarcity of Time. Whereupon, the firm thought of a weekend trek gripped my mind and the next thing I recollect was registering for the …


Diu, the land of surprises

The last leg of our Gujarat trip got us to Diu, the land of surprises. My earliest recollection of Diu would be when I was 12, marking it on a political map of India. I guess my obsession with travel maps dates back to my childhood 😉 When we were …


Women’s Special: Nag Tibba Trek

For those who want to walk in a dense forest, climb up to 10,000 feet, camp under the starry sky and witness the mighty Himalayan peaks, the Nag Tibba trek is an absolute perfect choice. We are departing for this women’s only trek on a coming weekend(7 April’18). You can leave …