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Harsh and I were eagerly awaiting the day when our Mom and Dad would have their first flying experience. Fortunately, this trip unwrapped first of their many experiences be it their first flight, first time to a beach, first ferry ride, first jungle safari and last but not the least first time such …

Beach Desert General Religious


One fine day, after having dinner, mother of the house started complaining by saying “Do you even know, it has been three years since we had our last family trip to Jaipur?” Before we could utter anything, the conversation took a sharp U-turn and epicenter was now on the used …

Hill Station

Auli, Mini Switzerland

I woke up at around 7 AM and packed myself with 3-4 layers of clothing, keeping gloves and cap handy. We wanted to have something light in the morning but the fragrance coming from the nearest dhaba, run by this charming lady, ruined our plans. She served paranthas not just …