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Mumbai, the city of Dreams

It was my childhood dream to visit Mumbai-the fashion Capital of India. Onkesh and I discussed this a lot of times but our travel buddies never turned up for it. One day, I came to know that Ravi also desperately wanted to visit the place. I realized, the same day, …

Hill Station

Nainital – Day 2

Day 2 in Nainital kicked off with a song Ink by Coldplay (my alarm tone since 2015).”I don’t wanna miss it” I said this to myself and rushed to the balcony to witness the sunrise on the hills. To my surprise, the day turned out to be foggy, overcast and chilly. The …

Hill Station

Nainital, the girls only trip !

In the month of September, when people were digging for uncommon and exotic destinations (like Kerala, Goa or Rajasthan),  we decided to go “the usual way” this time because of three simple reasons – I was well acquainted with the place. It hardly needs any planning and can be covered …