Day 2 kicked off with a sweet tinkling of bells tied around the mule’s neck. The music of the bells had a reflex action in my fingers. I found myself trying to catch up with the music when a little movement broke the rhythm away. Nevertheless, the melodious music made itself heard and I woke up to nature πŸ™‚

What a β€˜bugyal’ is exactly? It is a pasture land or an alpine meadow that makes for an excellent grazing ground. In Uttarakhand’s local language, people even call it “nature’s own gardens”.

Barnala Tal to Dayara

After breakfast, we packed our stuff and started walking. Day 2 and its trail seemed quite familiar yet unknown with same oak and pine trees all around the walkways. Finally, we were en-route for beautiful and sprawling Dayara Bugyal. Whoopee!!

I would like to take you with me on a photo journey. The views I imagined while reading books or saw in movies, they were all there on this trek.

Here it goes, Barnala to Dayara in pictures!

Off to Dayara Bugyal
Off to Dayara Bugyal

The way was beautifully cushioned below and canopied above. The clouds were so low, it felt like I can almost reach out and touch it.

We are getting closer(clouds and me)
We are getting closer(clouds and me)
Shepherd huts-unique and classy
Shepherd huts-unique and classy
Yes, this is for real!
Yes, this is for real!
Only from the heart can you touch the sky Β ~Rumi
Only from the heart can you touch the sky  ~Rumi

With numerous ups and downs, I burst into an amazing view of snow-clad mountains.

The pristine Glacier as the backdrop
The pristine Glacier as the backdrop
Stop talking about mountains and start climbing
Stop talking about mountains and start climbing
Blow on a Dandelion and make a wish!
Blow on a Dandelion and make a wish!
Play your cards right
Play your cards right

The widespread Dayara Bugyal looks different from every angle. The meadows were filled with lush green grass, dotted with babbling brooks, wildflowers and clear sky above. Dayara was nothing short of a paradise, I must say!


Climbing through Barnala and the alpine meadows for around 4 hours with few breaks, we made it to a flat piece of land and then found a couple of small streams. “Make this our campsite” were my words and on that our guide said mockingly-Your wish, my command! The beauty of our campsite in Dayara Bugyal is hard to describe in words.



Even 4-5 hours of continuous(well, almost) walking couldn’t stop us from exploring Dayara Bugyal’s expanse exactly after reaching the place and we found this peak(in below pic) nearby. There were 2 routes to reach the peak, one suggested and tested by guides and another one, rocky but adventurous, and I chose, of course, the later one πŸ˜› and it was every effort worth to reach the top.


On one side, I could see the entire Dayara meadow while on the other, hills came up in layers ranging from Bandarpoonch (6350 m), Dropdikadanda (6420 m), Black Peak and Gangotri I,II,III. I was simply awed and overwhelmed by the massiveness of what I witnessed.

 Besides, the Indian flag literally gave me the feeling like I made it to the Mount Everest πŸ˜‰

The Gang at Dayara Bugyal
The Gang

It was getting darker and cold. As a result, we started walking towards campsite for further rituals of the day like having dinner and then doing philosophical discussions around the bonfire! Sometimes, I really miss those deep and intriguing talks we had during bonfire nights.


A steam near a campsite
Steam near a campsite

The sky full of stars, this song was always on my mind before getting into my sleeping bag!  Zzzz

Day 3- Dayara to Surya Top

I woke up with frost all over the camp area. As the day grew brighter, the frost glistened like icing over everything on the ground. Walking over velveteen, dew-drenched grassy mountaintop was an experience in itself. The early morning views of Dayara Bugyal was worth every effort to get there.

Then I just saw a place with small stream-its perfect. Have I spoken too early ? 10 minutes ahead- bed of dried maple leaves and then 10 min further- sunlight coming filtering through leaves right on my face.

I laid down to drink and soak in the scenery of the mountains around. I never had such a powerful and heavenly nap in my life before. Feeling of absolute surrender!

The brown carpet of leaves was a delight to walk on.
The brown carpet of leaves was a delight to walk on.

Although there were the same grassland, flowers and snow-clad peaks but in an extent and glory, they already outshone the wonder and joy of the day before. The greenery was really a treat to the eyes while the overall ambiance works on the rest of the senses

Dreamy. Isn't it?
Dreamy. Isn’t it?

The path was well laid out by the villagers and it was hard to miss the way through it. Still, I got lost for around 30-40 minutes. With no signals and the internet, I was unable to connect to any of my travel partners. The crackle of leaves, whisper of a breeze, sound of one’s breathing and the silence of nature, were the only sounds I could hear out.

Screaming loudly was the only option, I was left with. No response! I was literally scared but then I heard my name from somewhere. But, I was not able to make out from which direction. Then, I saw Onkesh. A sense of relief! I don’t wanna imagine what would have happened if I didn’t find him on time.

Dayara Bugyal Trek
On the way to Surya Top
Dayara Bugyal Trek
Why should I get clicked if nature around is so irresistible?

Each step we took, took us one foot higher. Suddenly, the entire surrounding became heavenly when around one corner, there appeared in the distance, a dazzling display of snow-clad peaks.

snow-clad peaks
snow-clad peaks
snow-clad peaks(more closer view)
snow-clad peaks

I literally felt dizzy. Quite common after long trips. Like this. To the heavens and back.

Dayara to Barsu

We backtracked the same trail that we have been taking the last 2 days to reach Barsu. The descent didn’t take more than 4 hours(leisurely) with few breaks.

As I looked back in Dayara bugyal
As I looked back

From Barsu, a drive through the narrow road and scenic surroundings took us to Dehradun (200km). From there on, an overnight bus to Delhi. Back to earth after a visit to heaven.

Roadmap-Dayara Bugyal

Map of Dayara Bugyal

Final Words

Time to say Good Bye to Dayara bugyal
Time to say Good Bye!

Have you heard the singing of the sea or whisper of the breeze or cracking of the leaves? You never paid attention to it, right? But you must have heard the rustle of a traveler inside you. Yes, it hums. Respond to it by visiting this amazing place.

Believe me, there’s no language to express such deep, unadulterated and voiceless inner expression of joy. I don’t know if there is heaven behind the veil of this illusionist world we leave in. But if there’s any, it must be this place.

This place offered me everything- adventure, peace, immense joy and solitude. When it ended, there was a deep sense of regret. I wish it would go on forever and ever.

I am wrapping this post on my favorite lines from the Poem ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost.

For booking, follow the link here – Dayara Bugyal +Surya Top

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
   ~Robert Frost
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